Golden Peak Spantik: Conquering the Majestic Heights of Pakistan’s Karakoram

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Golden peak Spantik (Golden Peak) is a mountain in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, in the Nagar Valley. It is in the Spantik Sosbun Mountains subrange of the Karakoram. The “Golden Pillar” is a difficult climbing route on its northwest face. It is to the northeast of Malubiting and to the east of Diran.


Golden Peak Spantic : A Jewel of the Karakoram

In addition to Golden Peak, this is also known as the Spantic Peak. In one of the quieter areas of the Karakuram, the Golden is the part of the mountain chain that separates Nagar and Baltistan. The residents of Nagar Valley refer to this side as “GOLDEN PEAK/GOLDEN PILLAR.” The sunset over Golden Pillar is truly amazing when seen from Hopper Valley and Nagar. The difficult ascent of the Pillar from this side via the technical North Pillar route, which British mountaineers first attempted in 1987, marked a turning point in terms of technical difficulty for Himalayan mountaineers.

The Approach and Base Camp

From Skardu-Balistan, the mountain’s other side is less difficult and offers a route to the summit that more climbers reach. On this side, in the Arandu Valley-Skardu region, Spantik Peak can be found at the top of CHOGOLUNGME GLACIER. It is typically climbed from the Arandu side of Chogolungme Glacier via the relatively straightforward and long South East Ridge known as NORMAL ROUTE.

Golden peak spantik


The climb along the Southeast Ridge is the most achievable route of any 7000M Peak in the PakistaniKarakurams. View of the Spantik  Golden Peak from Chogolungme Glacier has emerged as the obvious target for commercially organized expeditions seeking an easy ascent to 7000 meters. This route is generally regarded as safe and technically easy. Over its 8 kilometers, the ridge rises 2700 meters, providing several secure camping spots.

The climb through long and arduous is not technically difficult. The average gradient is 30 to 45 degrees but thereare some short steps that provide some climbing interest. The Himalayan-scale Spantik is a great next step for those who have already climbed a 6000-meter peak or are preparing for an 8000-meter expedition.This is the easiest peak in 7000M in Pakistan from this side of Skardu.




This route was taken for the first time in 1906 by the American couple Fanny and William Bullock-Workman, who set a female altitude record when they reached 6700 meters. In 1955, a German expedition led by Karl Kramer made the first ascent.

Golden Peak

Golden Peak Spantic APPROACH:

Golden Peak Spantik is an attractive climb that is located to the south of the great Hispar Glacier and above the remote upper Chogolungma Glacier. Beginning at the Village of ARANDU, the approach path winds its way through the picturesque ablation Valley and up the side of the Choglungma Glacier. Along the way, Base Camp is surrounded by breathtaking views of numerous mountain peaks.

Arandu, also known as the Golden Pillar 7027M, is connected to Skardu via a jeep-able road from the Nagar side. Skardu is the administrative capital of Baltistan and serves as the base for expeditions to various peaks. Skardu and Islamabad are connected by road and air (via flight).


Camp-I (5250m), Camp-II (5650m), and Camp-II (6250m) are typically where the higher camps are typically established. The Base Camp is approximately 4300m above sea level.



Between the middle of June and the end of August is the best time to climb Spantik Peak.

Summary of Time:

30-35 days from Islamabad to Islamabad again We begin our journey from Islamabad to Skardu, which is connected to Islamabad via road and flight (1 hour). This is a stunning flight that takes you to the edge of the Karakuram Mountains, where you can get a great view of Nanga Parbat and many other famous peaks. The weather conditions affect the flight. It takes two days to travel by road on the Karakuram Highway from Chilas (13-15 hours) to Skardu (7-9 hours). You will have some time to look around the town and take in the bustle of many tourists buying supplies and hiring porters. The next place to go is the tiny village of ARANDU, which is 85 kilometers away by Jeep along a narrow mountain road. The trek to Base Camp will begin with the hiring of porters.

Golden Peak karakoram

Day 01-02: Day 3 through Day 5: Arrival in Islamabad, briefing at the Ministry of Tourism, and formalities Day 06-09: Transportation to Skardu, shopping, and preparations Transfers to Base Camp; the trek up the Chogolungma Glacier takes approximately 304 days. Day 10 through 24: Day 25 to Day 30: Climbing and acclimatization Day 31: Skardu return to Islamabad and formalities at Islamabad Abandonment of Islamabad.


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