Karakoram and Himalayas Secrets to a Healthy and Long Life

Unlocking the Karakorum Himalayan Fountain of Health and Longevity: Insights into Secrets for a Vibrant Life (Gilgit Baltistan)

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The central Karakoram and Himalayas secrets about a healthy and long life in Valleys, situated in the remote mountainous region of Northern Areas, has long been known for the remarkable longevity and good health of its inhabitants. The Karakoram Mountains people have been the subject of fascination for scientists and researchers for decades, with many seeking to uncover the secrets of their long and healthy lives. The Karakoram Mountains and their valleys are a fertile place that supports agriculture and offers isolation from the rest of the world, as well as being situated at a very high altitude.


How long do the central Karakoram  and Himalayas

mountain people live?

The Central Karakoram and Himalayas ( Gilgit Baltistan) people have been reported to have a longer-than-average lifespan, with some individuals living well into their 100s and even over 110 years old. The genuinely remarkable fact is that all Central Karakorum Himalayas (Gilgit Baltistan) reports mention that the elderly population is fit, filled with vitality, and illness free, which is still true today.

Karakoram and Himalayas Secrets to their healthy life:

There is no definitive answer to what makes the Karakorum and Himalayas mountain people so healthy, but a number of factors have been identified as contributing to their remarkable health and longevity.

1. Diet

Diet is one of the most important factors in the central Karakoram mountain people’s longevity. The central Karakoram and Himalayas diet is rich in whole, unprocessed foods such as grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Their diet is also low in fat and high in fiber, which may contribute to their good health.

2. Consumption of Apricots

The central Karakoram Himalayas (Gilgit Baltistan) people are particularly known for their consumption of apricots, which are abundant in these Mountains Valleys. Apricots are a rich source of vitamin C, which is important for maintaining a healthy immune system, and also contain beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the body and is important for maintaining healthy skin and vision.

3. Variety of Fruits and Vegetables

In addition to apricots, the Karakoram mountain people consume a variety of other fruits and vegetables, including berries, grapes, apples, pears, plums, figs, and a variety of greens such as spinach and mustard greens.

4. Whole Grains and Balanced Diet

They also consume whole grains such as wheat, barley, and millet, and consume a small amount of dairy products and meat. Their balanced diet ensures they receive essential nutrients for their body’s optimal functioning.

5. Active Lifestyle

Another key factor in the Karakoram and himalayan mountain range people’s longevity is their active lifestyle. Much of their daily activity involves walking or working in the fields, which provides them with regular exercise. The Great Karakorum Himalayan Valleys are situated at a high altitude, which may also contribute to their good health as the body has to work harder to adjust to the lower oxygen levels.

6. Strong Community and Social Support

The Karakoram Mountain (Gilgit Baltistan) people have a strong sense of community and social support, which may also play a role in their overall well-being. The Gilgit Baltistan people are known for their hospitality and generosity and are often described as a peaceful and harmonious community.

7. Genetic Factors

It is important to note that genetics may also play a role in the Gilgit Baltistan people’s longevity. The Gilgit Baltistan people are descended from different tribes of people who have lived in the region for thousands of years, and they have developed genetic adaptations that may contribute to their good health.

Summary of karakoram and Himalyas Secrets

In conclusion, the secret to the Central Karakoram Mountain( Gilgit Baltistan) people’s long and healthy lives is likely to be a combination of factors, including their diet, physical activity, environment, community, and genetics. While it may not be possible to duplicate the  Gilgit Baltistan lifestyle in its entirety, we can certainly learn from their example and adopt some of their healthy habits into our own lives. Eating a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods, getting regular exercise, and maintaining a strong social support network are all important factors in maintaining good health and longevity



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